Meet Riley Smith

A Tradition of Tattooing

It’s personal. Creating custom art on skin – something that will become a part of an individual’s life forever – is both an honor and a privilege. An honor because of the enormous amount of trust required for someone to allow you to alter their appearance. Few things are as intimate between two people. Once the dance between artist and “canvas” begins, there is no personal space. It’s a privilege because it allows the tattoo artist to express his or her talent in the first place – no other art form requires permission!I’ve been tattooing for almost 25 years. I’ve witnessed the tattoo industry evolve at an amazing pace, moving forward in a blaze of unlimited, and abundantly original energy. Honestly, it absolutely blows my mind every single day, when I see the amazing art being created around the globe. With the Internet artists are sharing their work in near-real time. Keeping pace with all of the talent in the industry is both time consuming and exhausting!

I’m extremely fortunate that my life has merged with the world of tattooing. The customers, the artists and all of those involved in the industry, are so very different. Each person is unique, contributing their own special vision, passion, and, yes – happiness. What other business or career is so accepting and supportive of self-expression?! When a customer sits in my chair or hops up on my table, for those few hours they can let go. They share their history, their dreams. We become a part of each other’s journey. In a very genuine way, the tattoo industry is helping to heal the world one piece of art at a time. To some, this may seem like an overstatement, but take a minute to observe the beauty and pure energy that surrounds the tattoo industry – you can’t help but smile!

With that said I know I speak for everyone here at The Formula when I say that we are humbled and honored to make pigment that is used to create such breath taking art. To even have the smallest bit of connection to any tattoo just makes us smile. All of us here at The Formula thank you for your continued support and promise to do our best to make the most consistent, pure and sterile pigment the industry has to offer.

Riley Smith
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